Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zombie (Castlevania)

I must confess, I never played Castlevania until a few years ago. It just wasn't one of those games that any of my friends had that I could I borrow.  I'm not a horror fan, so Ghosts 'n Goblins more than satisfied my need to fight classic monsters.  I did play Castlevania 2 a few times, but that also was hard to get into because it was more of an RPG/adventure type game.

So, I gave Castlevania a try.  Boy, I feel silly for missing out.  This game is classic, and I don't care how sluggish the main character is in the first game.  Once you get used to the mechanics, it's quite easy to adjust.  Not that this game is easy; I still haven't gotten past the Grim Reaper.  I'm playing it on my 3DS and trying really hard not to cheat and use save states, but in my older years I may just have to use them instead of pushing through it like in my childhood, when I had hours and hours to practice.

The zombie is barely in the game.  It's actually the first enemy you encounter, and is terribly weak.  He's just there to get you comfortable with using your whip.  Now, when I made this version, I wasn't too enamored with the end result.  It didn't look like much, and if you couldn't figure out what it was on a quick glance, then I probably shouldn't use it as an entry.  But it's grown on me, and I still wanted a reasonable Halloween character before I return to Ghosts 'n Goblins characters.  Give it a chance; when you take a step back and look at it from farther away, it looks better.  I still give the edge to the zombie I made a few years ago, but this one is here more for comparison's sake.  Plus, you don't see too many zombies skating around with pink shrouds....

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