Monday, October 5, 2009

Zombie (Ghosts 'n Goblins - NES)

Spooky! Now, with a zombie movie atop the box office, I can finally post my creation for all to enjoy this Halloween season. Usually I would stick with the arcade version of a character (if I had a choice), but in this instance, the arcade one had all these shades of blue and grey that I couldn't quite pull off, so you get the NES version instead. That certainly didn't make the game any easier, because Ghosts 'n Goblins is one of the hardest ever. Even with the code it takes forever to get through. And the warp code isn't even that easy to input, nor remember (unlike the good old Konami code). Apparently you would have to play through the whole game once, and then it would tell you that the final level was an illusion devised by Satan and return to starting point again!! I think those exclamation points were included in the original screen. EDIT: OK, so my memory is mixing those words up with some other game, but I was close.

I actually don't care for zombie movies. Not because I'm scared of zombies, but because I find them extremely repetitive. I do like comparing the original Night of the Living Dead to The Birds, as was mentioned in one of my film classes, but how many times can we remake the same scenario of people barricading themselves in a protected space while waiting for the ever increasing horde of undead to come bashing in? I do like Shaun of the Dead, as it pokes fun at the whole genre, and everyone seems to like Zombieland, so maybe I'll catch it on Blu-ray for next year's Halloween season. In the meantime, I'm surprised I never considered doing Ghosts and Goblins characters for this blog. There's a whole bunch of cool ones that actually sort of look like the monsters they represent. Hell, The Devil and Satan are actually two different bosses! I originally typed "heck," but then I realised I was talking about The Devil and Satan...