Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bashful ("Inky")

Ah, the one that stopped me cold. You see that colour right there? It's sort of an aqua? That colour is super hard to come by. Oh sure, I could have settled for a light blue, or even turquoise, but this is the one that looks closest to the video game. And it wasn't cheap to get those pieces, I'll have you know. But anything for the sake of my art.

Fortunately, this colour can be used for other game characters in the future that I didn't think I'd ever want to get to. I even used this in the Tron one from December already. So at least it's versatile.

A few months back I was going to talk about MY original version of Pac Man. It certainly wasn't that awful Atari 2600 version. No, my first home version was played on the Atari 400. Doesn't look too bad, does it? But did you notice the weird ghost colours? Bashful here is green! If only I had thought of doing those versions years ago, I wouldn't have had to wait so long....

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