Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pac Man

I have to admit, even though Pac Man is the original game, it doesn't hold a candle to Ms. Pac Man. Only one maze, along with a very annoying siren noise, make it only useful if the Ms. Pac Man machine is being hogged up by some Billy Mitchell type trying to top the world high score. Steve Wiebe would totally let you go first, even if his quarter was up on the cabinet before yours.

Pac Man was one of the first designs I made with Legos, and I sure waited a long time to post him. He's obviously more simplistic, and I could have gone for a Ms. Pac Man, but he's already jealous I keep mentioning her too much in this post. It should be about him. Actually, I'm stretching this one entry out because the next few pixels I'll be showcasing will involve some enemies of his, and I won't have enough to write if I talk about my experiences with the game. Hint: they don't involve the arcade version....

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