Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A few months ago I was driving along when I saw a rather large frog, literally hopping up into the air in great leaps, starting to cross the highway. It would have been rather comical if it weren't for the fact that it probably didn't have two extra lives left. Fortunately, I didn't see a lot of traffic or a horrible aftermath, so I like to think that it survived to get to the next dangerous part of Irvine, with all its fast lumber and beavers that come up behind these logs to tip them.

One thing that always bugged me about certain video games is how they ignored obvious things like frogs being able to swim, or moon patrol vehicles that can't handle small boulders on the moon. I guess they were early game attempts to create obstacles, but I usually steered my quarters clear of illogical game concepts. Like that childhood logic makes sense in a world of mushrooms that make you big, or space insects that steal your ship away in a tractor beam...

Knowing I was going to be away from my supplies, I prepared a few pictures of things ahead of time for the upcoming posts. After I took some pictures, I realised I once again needed to put together a green subject, and fast. Funny, I almost forgot last year's scramble to find something green for St. Patrick's Day. And yet Frogger doesn't actually have that much green in him. What is up with that?


Ralph- said...


I am glad the blog wont suffer from your travels! I like this one. It is bright and colorful. I have begun to notice how the NES games don't have that much depth to them as far as vibrant color pallets.

Benjamin said...

Another good one, dude. I definitely didn't expect Frogger. I hope that little frog made it and is hippy-hopping around right now.