Thursday, January 28, 2010

Duck Hunt

I thought I would try something different this time around. Oh no, not by choosing another obscure subject like that Goonies game. Because this is about as obvious as it gets, and I don't even need to mention where it's from (except in the title, of course). I thought I'd be a little artsy this time and leave the edges unfinished. Well, that's mainly because I ran out of light blue bricks, but what can you do? In the past I would have waited to post this until I had replenished my supply of necessary bricks, but since this isn't about trying to create some elaborate background, there wasn't any real point to doing that. So tell me what you think. Does it look too unfinished, or does it have a bit of a artsy quality to it?

The first time I ever played an NES was in a store that was either a Gemco or K-Mart. I'm leaning towards K-Mart (the one that is now an Albertson's, diagonally from the Gemco that is now a Target). The demo was almost always this game, and of course I was amazed at the light gun technology. And of course I never owned a light gun. It hasn't even been on a list of things I should pick up, mainly because I don't like those ugly orange ones (most of the surviving examples are coloured that bright orange). Find me an original grey one that works, and then we'll talk....

1 comment:

Ralph- said...

I have an original one. No orange here!!

I like the duck and i don't mind the blue background. I think it would look better this way as opposed to just the grey background.

I think that throwing in a non obscure one every now and then cleanses the pallet.

Good work!