Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Space Invader

The original Space Invaders game was (mostly) in black and white. It's boring to make any of these pixels in just white, so I went with this creative pink. I seem to recall there was some green in the game, but that wasn't for the space invaders themselves (at least until they got to the bottom, and by then it was too late). I also bought a lot of pink bricks so one day I could make that one Pac Man ghost. What else would I use them for? This is the first true 1x1 pixel design I've made; it looks decent when it's a small character like this, but I find that you need bigger bricks for big chunks of colour for it to look good on the big sprites. It doesn't look as crooked when you've got all those little bricks that can end up slightly rotated in funny ways.

There's a street artist out there that takes this particular character and places him in locations around the world. I've seen them in Los Angeles, of course, but was pleased to find one in London, and I took a picture. I think it was on the bridge across from the Houses of Parliament. Wow, there are a lot of them; go here to pick a city and see where he (or his imitators) have been. His name is Invader, strangely enough....

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